“ Innovative Solutions? ”

We had experienced the unlimited potential of the bio-inspired design (BID) from the design project for the Korean High-speed Train in 2009. During the design project, we could achieve our goal by delivering the successful outcome derived from the exterior of boxfish; Ostracion Cubicus. If we still imprison us in the convention, this awesome blend of the partly-convex and partly-concave edges would not have been discovered. In this sense, the unlimited potential of the BID originates with the innovative solutions of nature those surpass our convention.

“ Why Boxfish, Not Dolphin? ”

This is hard to believe that the clunky boxfish-motif had shown the superior performance than the dolphin-motif. We concluded that the cruising behavior of the boxfish is much close to the driving condition of a high-speed train. Probably, the long-term adaptation, evolutionary process of the boxfish was appropriate for redesigning a high-speed train. That is why the boxfish-motif was the better analogue for the BID application; analogue means a species or thing seen as considerable to mimic.

“ In Nature, We Mimic. Mother Nature Has Awesome Analogues! ”

A single Homo Sapiens cannot defeat nature. Always, the possibility is positive that designers may miss the right analogues. There are too many good things. That is the crux of the BID.


“ In Nature, How To Access The TOO MANY GOOD THINGS? ”

If there is a magical query slot to filtrate the TOO MANY GOOD THINGS… It will allow Homo Sapiens to get new inspirations from nature! It becomes the chance to leap the convention with the full of inspirations!


A Bio-Inspired Design Based Intelligent Design Support System

We publish MIMICUS platform which enables designers to search the creative biological ideas from nature, and cook (apply) these raw biological ideas for different kinds of product & service.

In easy words, we provide a service which helps anyone who is trying to find a creative idea or an answer from BID. We do not just search data from the Internet and show users a bunch of list that is not organized properly. Instead, we go through our database which is filled with a huge amount of BID documents we have been collecting for years, and bring an outcome that seems to fit best for user’s need. We also have an exclusive AI technology that suggests ideas which users could find helpful for their questions.


A Consultant For Use Of Creative Utilization About Biomimetics Idea

We not only wish to remain as a service provider, but we hope to become a game changer in BID. HOMO MIMICUS provides the biomimetic-technology consulting services for consulting agencies and enterprises

In easy words, we provide a direct consulting service to agencies and companies who are in trouble of long-term R&D. Our valuable asset is not only the AI technologies for MIMICUS but also the accumulated information about biomimetic-technologies. By using the assets, we can consult biomimetic-technologies that a client should concern to acquire. The IP portfolio of the client is the best input to set the consulting service.